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Pallavi is a very passionate wellness practitioner, is an exceptional skilled with a myriad of talents, wholeheartedly devoted to imparting her profound insights and sagacity to individuals. I deeply admire her endeavors in fostering consciousness about health. May she be endowed with the utmost success and receive my benevolent wishes for her noble undertaking.

Swami Shailendra Sarasvati

Osho’s younger brother (Osho Rajneesh Mandir ashram)

I had the privilege of joining Pallavi's sound healing sessions and it was a truly transformative experience. During our sessions, I not only experienced a stress-free sleep like never before but also found significant relief from my anxiety. Pallavi's expertise and soothing presence as my therapist created a safe and nurturing environment that allowed me to explore profound levels of relaxation and inner healing. I'm grateful for the positive impact Pallavi has had on my well-being.

Imran Khan

Oaga Resort, Hotelier, E-Commerce/Distribution Manager

Pallavi is a lovely and pleasant person to help me guide during my yoga sessions.  She is very patient and considerate of how I can reach my best abilities while working with the physical restrictions I have.  I did yoga with her for one month at Amilla Fushi resort in the Maldives. It benefited me mentally and physically a lot. It uplifted my mood and I was able to have more energy to do my daily routine. Hatha yoga and dynamic meditation is what Pallavi made me experience. I found great progress and changes during the one month of doing these with Pallavi.

Nada Ahemed


My yoga experience with Pallavi in Amilla Fushi resort in the Maldives was extremely beneficial and uplifting. She is a kind, sweet and jovial person. This made it very easy for me to engage in the yoga practices she had planned. Tree hugging therapy, laughing yoga, Hatha yoga and dynamic meditation are the practices that was engaged in. Doing these made me realize that there was a profound change in one month. I massively enjoyed it and found myself more calm and happier. I highly recommend Pallavi.

Faruhana Ahemad

Owners at Amilla resort and residence, Maldives

Tim (my husband) and I often talk about our holiday on Amilla and especially of the truly unique wellbeing sessions we had with you. Your knowledge and gentle encouragement during the different styles of yoga sessions were inspiring to say the least. It was just what we needed at that time, after a some stressful few months. The breathing exercises were especially beneficial.  Wishing you all the best and hope to see you in the near future.

Camilla & Tim


My husband and I were in the Maldives this year and for several weeks I practiced daily with Pallavi. We did yoga and other interesting practices that helped us get a full rest and reboot. I felt harmony in myself and with the nature around me. It is extremely important for me that the teacher is not only a practitioner, but also living in accordance with the canons of the spiritual path. I found it all in Pallavi. Thanks a lot 


CG-Artist, Switzerland

For a decade, I have observed the remarkable odyssey of Pallavi, an individual dedicated to the realms of meditation and holistic well-being. My gratitude overflows as I reflect upon the numerous transformative Craniosacral Therapy Sessions she has graciously offered me, alongside the profound experiences of engaging in her Meditation, Yoga, and Dance classes.

Swami Deva Shunyam

aka Chris Long (Switzerland)

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